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    • Mila432
      i know that the ffbe bot has some bugs right now and dbz some support requests, still i wanted to release this bot, maybe i will publish the source code so people from the internet can help me to improve it. when the changes are good i will add them to the current bots to improve them!   the web bot will be very simple    account overview   farm   see nothing big like the current bots, the reason why its simple is because i didnt want to spend TOO much time on it, maybe it will change over time after i am done with ffbe & dbzdb improvements    with this if you are interested please head over to https://forum.mila432.com/ this will be the main site for all the upcoming bots released by me! hope to see you around
    • Mila432
      Please provide a link to the app either Google PlayStore or iTunes!
    • Mila432
      Take #20!   Welcome to the private space forum! Here you will find some interesting stuff about mobile apps & games!  
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